Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Push Week

This week has been a push week - pushing too hard that is.

I’m sitting at home eating a bowl of oatmeal for a snack with an ice pack on my Achilles after a job interview this morning, and a before-lunch tempo (moderate pace) run. Yes, an ice pack. I can feel some strain on my lower body from running and the brain after the interview. Maybe I should throw some ice on my head, too.

After the hills on Tuesday, which I did more than usual, I noticed twinges in my left upper thigh and I could feel aches in my Achilles. I’ve been fortunate to avoid overuse strains for many months. The way my training has been going, I can be sore after a hard run, but I’m usually feeling better by the end of the day or the next morning. Recovery has been...

kind to me.  I even forgot what my past overuse injuries were and that I can get them at any time, especially after a sharp increase in mileage and or faster paces up hills.
Achilles Tendon Information:
Achilles Tendon
Being nearly 50 can be a detriment. My son teases me by calling me an old man so I tell him to meet me at the track instead of taking it outside. He’s getting big so he’ll likely snap my “old man-like” body in half.

The benefit of doing a blog, documenting my progress, is increased self-awareness. Writing pushes me to review the ups and downs of running. Because I run solo, I certainly need this. The on-line community, through Twitter, has been a great way for me to collaborate with other runners from all parts of the world. Added to this, I frequent running Websites, get other blogs emailed to me and I scan the Web for interesting stories and research. Be careful about what you read and don’t make immediate changes to your routines based on internet-based information. Be sure to check the credibility.

Anyway, I know Achilles aches ­– noticed I said aches, not pain, is due to overuse or pushing too hard. The remedy is to pull back when I feel them scream a little. Do not run day after day after day. It only gets worse. Yesterday was an off day, but I knew my Achilles takes time to recover. I even took some Motrin yesterday, which is a rarity.
Today I headed out and what happens? My Garmin battery died early into the run. With no backup watch, I needed to run pace on feel and I had no idea how far I was running. This was not a bad thing, but it’s certainly out of my comfort zone. My concern was running too far. With the long runs again this weekend, I should be conservative. I even planned on keeping off of any hills today. Running on feel ended up being good otherwise I would likely try to keep the goal pace even if I were sore. Shame on me, but that’s what happens.
I ran a tempo pace for 5.65 miles which was close to my 6 mile goal. I mapped it on the Website called Running Ahead. Close enough. My pace was one where I was not out-of-breath. Being out of breathe is an anaerobic run or very fast, like interval work on the track and I don’t like combing hard hills and speed work during the same week.
Tomorrow is a rest day before the two long runs.
50 Steps to a healthier Future Update:
To date we have two registered people to run, jog, or walk on October 22nd. My hope is that the low response rate has been due to the summer, Labor Day weekend, school beginning, and the bad weather we’ve been having. It’s been a challenge getting the press releases posted. Press releases were sent out to media and we will be sending flyers to the schools for the kids to take home.
50 Steps to a Healthier Future Website:
I just learned that there is a 5K in town this weekend, so I contacted the organizer and she agreed to put our flyer in the entrant packages. I will be volunteering for them right after my run Saturday morning. In order to do this I’m swapping my runs, completing the 4 hours on Saturday then do the 5 hours on Sunday.
Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Run: September 10, 2011

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