Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 15 Training

This week is a recovery week after a 24 mile run. The long run on Sunday was very good. It was at the right pace (3:32 or 8:51/mile). The weather for training has been kind so far. Although it has been on the warm side with higher humidity, it has not rained much during my runs. The heat and humidity is to be expected; it’s summer after all. The early morning runs are the most enjoyable. It’s so peaceful during the early hours, plus I get to see...

the sunrises and wildlife. This past Sunday there were three deer in a field watching me run.

I practiced eating while running for the first time. Because I need to learn to eat and run when running up to 50 miles, I took a peanut butter and jelly (PB&J) sandwich. PB&J and bread provide ample carbohydrates and protein. Cutting it in half and then into quarters made it manageable. What I did was take the GU at miles 7, 14, and 19. In between, I ate half a sandwich at mile 9 and the other half at mile 19.
Even though I consider myself a connoisseur of PB&J sandwiches, eating them and running adds a whole new dimension. I experienced just how dry and gooey PB&J sandwiches are while on the run. It’s one thing when you’re sitting at the table, relaxed enjoying the sandwich with a cold glass of milk, versus running down the road breathing at a higher rate and eating. The irony is I tell Evan to sit properly and eat and here I am running and eating. When I ate the first half it felt as if my esophagus clamped down, resulting in chest pain. That piece felt as if it were as big as my heart. I must have swallowed too fast. Note to self: Eat smaller bites when running because I’m not sitting at the table. It’s either take smaller bites or someone push me in a chair so I can continue and eat. Maybe I’ll ask Jenn if she will do that. Not! I’ll need to continue practicing the eating and running.
The good news: Between slowing my pace by 20 seconds/mile from the previous weekend and eating more during the run, I finished feeling like I still had energy. I need to remember that my target pace for the 50 miles is 10:48/mile, therefore I’m still going out too fast.
On Tuesday, I completed a short tempo run. I started with an easy mile then accelerated for the next three miles. The last three averaged 7:04/mile. Each mile was faster than the previous (7:26, 6:59, and 6:46). There was a decent hill during the first mile, so I’m happy with the result. I still like to throw hills into any training.
Today, I finally got out and cross-trained on the bike. I completed 12 hard miles. Because I’m not used to the bike and the gears, my right thigh is sore. Nothing some rest won’t cure. If worst comes to worst, I won’t get my track work in tomorrow; I’m fine with that.
I’m hungry. Oh, it’s lunch time. Guess what I’m having and it’s not GU packets?

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