Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family Time

I’m tired. My day began with cereal, a cup of joe, and then out the door for 7.2 miles. My tiredness could be a result of being in the hot sun canoeing with Evan, followed by a walk at Dinosaur State Park. The sun even got to Evan. He claims that he saw a...

shark, even though we were in fresh water. As warm as it was out there today, it was well worth it. Family time is priceless.

We went to Collinsville Canoe and Kayak, which, after today, I highly recommend. The people are helpful and pleasant; the prices are reasonable. Evan and I went out in a canoe for an hour for $20; includes paddles and vests. Of course it includes paddles. Ah, sir, I’ll just take the canoe. Paddles aren’t in my budget. Just shove me out there while saying, “bon voyage sucker.”
Canoeing and walking was great family time. If you’re ever in Connecticut, check these places out:  
The plan is to crawl into bed earlier tonight so I can get out by 4:30 am tomorrow to get my long run in before church.
I’m on week 17 of my 50 mile run training. Tomorrow’s run will be 23 miles after completing 20 miles last Sunday. I’ve trained as high as 23 miles for the Miami Marathon so I’m not concerned about the distance. When I run really long I won’t bother looking at the GPS to see how fast I’m running. Instead, I’ll pace myself on how I feel and then when I’m done, I’ll look at the overall pace. Being as driven as I am, I’ll likely push too fast in the beginning, only to realize a rabbit pace will cause me to collapse like a soufflé. When running long during ultramarathon training, the run is about time on my feet, not about how fast I can run. Remember that, Jim.  
Tonight I’ll chow on pasta and salad. Tomorrow morning I’ll eat oatmeal, banana, and an English muffin; chased with water and coffee. My daily routine of dynamic stretches will be done, I’ll grab my GU packs (one for every 6 miles), sling the hydration pack over my shoulder, and then away I go.
So fuel up and happy long run to you running fanatics.

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