Thursday, June 30, 2011

Children's Home Update and Tempo Summer Runs

Another awesome New England day! Warm, but not humid.
We had a planning meeting at the Children’s Home yesterday and thanks to them the fundraiser is on track. Our only glitch is getting the Cromwell Schools to commit to us using the track. Once we confirm the date of October 22nd, we can move forward with the advertising. Hopefully Alex can get an answer tomorrow.
The event planning team will need to expand once we get confirmation, so I’ll be out there recruiting volunteers to help with various tasks to pull this off for the children. The run, after all, is for...
the children. If you live locally (Central Connecticut), let me know if you can help. Any assistance is welcome.
Today was a relatively short run; short in time. An easy paced mile followed by...a 5 mile tempo run and then an easy mile for a total of seven miles. A tempo run is a fast pace, but not a sprint. Tempo runs are meant to push the body to perform just under its ability to clear lactate. Lactate is waste from the body burning carbohydrates. During a hard run, my body consumes carbohydrates faster than I can pack down Oreo Cookies during a weak moment; maybe.

I Completed the 5 miles in 36:06 averaging 7:14 minutes/mile. My last mile clocked at 7:07. I always try to finish strong. Finishing faster trains my body to excel when it is tired, screaming to “stop.” As nutty as it sounds, pushing my body to its limits is exhilarating.
Please don’t hurt yourself in the pushing. As I said in previous blogs, listen to your body and your breathing rate, especially during extreme weather. If the weather is sporting the three dreaded summer H’s, hazy, hot, and humid, expect slower times. Per Running Time’s Magazine (July/Aug 2011 Issue), for every 10-degree increase in air temperature above 55 degrees, there is a 1.5% to 3% increase in average finishing time for a marathon (3 to 6 minutes for a 3:30 marathon with every 10 degree increase).
If you don’t get the magazine, it should be online after the current issue featured in “As Seen in the Magazine” section. Check out Running Times:
Once I got home, I dived into the protein. I consume at least 20g following a hard run. Chobani Greek yogurt, 1% milk, and eggs, with whole wheat bread. Breakfast is my favorite meal. Greek yogurt is specifically chosen for its high protein. The other yogurts cannot match the amount of protein in Greek brands. Most grocery stores stock it. Sometimes I splurge and squirt chocolate syrup in the milk. Yum, chocolate!
Next after an off day tomorrow: The Sunday long run of 22 miles after 6 miles on Saturday. Let’s go!

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