Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Tribute to the Ones We Love

Today is another milestone in my personal life. I am celebrating my 26th anniversary with Jenn. Where does the time go?  In celebration, I wanted to dedicate this entry to my wife, my pillar.
Jenn puts up with an awful lot. She has had to live with a person who became addicted to running. Let’s call this person “me.” We usually assign the word addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc., however whenever we become dependent on something, it can become an addiction, even good activities such as exercise. I consider myself driven. I dive head first into anything I do. I have benefited from being driven both personally and professionally. However, on the flip-side, being too driven to the point of addiction can be detrimental to the ones we care about.
Jenn has always supported my running. I began running again in February 2009 after a 29 year hiatus. I became so obsessed with running that I qualified for the Boston Marathon within 8 months. Jenn and Evan, my son, would be my pit crew every Sunday during my long runs, sacrificing their personal time so I could achieve my goal of finishing the Hartford Marathon. Jenn also sacrificed her gym time so I could go out for my evening runs before dark. I was truly blind to what I was taking from her as I became immersed. Jenn’s support was not limited to these selfless acts; there are many examples. She has always been there for me during my professional ambitions, including an opportunity resulting in her quitting a job she really liked and moving to Florida. Based on her desire to help others, when I approached her, asking if you would help with this next challenge of running 50 miles, there was no surprise that she agreed. I can only hope that I listen to my heart and do a better job at balancing my goal with the relationship.
For anyone out there who has a passion, be aware of your actions. Whether it’s running, golf, fishing, or your job, be sure you temper yourself and pay attention to the ones you care about. Note to self: Don’t become obsessed with training for 50 on 50.
Thank you, Jenn for all of your love and support.
“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”
            -Judy Garland

Here is a good article on running addictions: “Confessions of a Running Addict”.

Nice slow 5 mile run today. I got out early to beat the heat.

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