Tuesday, June 7, 2011

For a Day That Begins on the Wrong Foot, It Evens Out

Boy, was I cranky this morning. My family can attest to this. That's what a short night’s sleep will do to you. I did not want to run this morning. As much as I love to run, today was not it. I knew I needed to go. For any of you runners out there, when you are having a mentally painful day - you know, the days when you just sit and look at those running shoes with disdain, wanting them to get back into the closet. Do yourself a favor and just slip the shoes on, tie those laces and move. That's what I needed to do today. Once I was out there, I felt great. I ended up running a 7 mile tempo and an easy mile. For the non-runners a tempo run is when you run a certain distance at a steady, relatively fast pace; usually 70-80% effort. There's a calculation for this, but I won’t put you through that pain. 

On the fundraising front, I briefly met with the Cromwell Police Captain today. We are scheduled to meet this Friday so I could go over the route with him and explain what we are doing. Right now it still looks like the run will be on October 22nd. We are waiting to hear back from the High School to see if there are any events using the track that day.

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