Monday, June 6, 2011

First Meeting with the Children's Home

This is the first posting of my quest to achieve running 50 miles on my 50th birthday. Wow, 50 this year! 20 weeks until the run, but who's counting? My birthday is on October 21st. The run won't be exactly on my birthday since my birthday falls on a Friday and I have decided to do it as a fund raiser. I am a firm believer in keeping children physically and mentally healthy so I am supporting the Children's Home in Cromwell. Pay them a visit to see what they are all about.

Today was an off running day after the Students vs. Teachers 5K on Saturday and a 15 mile run on Sunday. Hill work tomorrow. Those hills hurt in a good way. Hot weather coming this week so I'll need to get out earlier.

Today was exciting! I had my first meeting with the Children's Home planning team. We are looking at having the event on October 22nd. The route will be a continuous loop of approximately 3 miles and will include a single loop around the track. Anyone who wants to join me for part or the whole run is welcome. I'll love the company and chat time. My family will be my pit crew. Hopefully I won't need a tire change; I certainly will need fuel.

Of course the route will depend on the discussions we have with the police and school. Fingers crossed.

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