Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Running Spontaneity and High School Memories

Trying to beat the summer temperatures can be challenging. This morning, I dropped Evan off at camp and then headed straight to the track. I was not following the weekly schedule, but I didn’t care. I say buck the schedule once in awhile and do what you want. Being as inflexible as I am I can’t believe I considered the notion. Jenn, my wife, in her infinite wisdom about life, taught me the concept of spontaneity. I love her for that. See, today was supposed...
to be a tempo run, but instead I made a “life altering” (chuckle) decision to do intervals. I’ll save the tempo run for Thursday.
By the time I got on the track, it was warming up. The sun was working double time, beating down through the cloudless sky.
I completed a 1.5 mile warm-up. I could have gotten away with less, but the loop that I had chosen away from the track directed me. The track work consisted of 1x1 mile, 1x3/4 mile, 1x1/2 mile, 3x1/4 mile repeats, followed by a slower pace. Let’s not say cool-down because that was not going to happen.
Today’s pace was my fastest since high school, which are nothing but distant memories.
Back in the “olden days,” the same days when I walked through three feet of snow to get to school, I was able to run a 4:55 mile and a 2:13 half. It’s a good thing I still feel young for my age and enjoy running so I don’t feel so bad leaving body parts behind as I quasi-blaze along, repeating to myself, “mind over matter.”
I attribute the faster times from the hill workouts. If you want to run faster, build leg strength through hill repeats and even add flavor into your long runs by peppering them with some hills. Like speed work, hills can hurt, but if you want to run fast, learn to love them. I did miss the hills when living in Florida.
While running around the track there were a couple of ladies walking together. It made me think how lonely it can get running alone. As much as I enjoy running at my own pace, clearing my mind, there are reasons to run with a partner. Granted, it’s hard to find someone to run 13 or more miles at a time, but I’m sure there are plenty of people in my town who would like to run 3-6 miles together once or twice a week. The closest running groups I’m aware of are in Hartford or Glastonbury.  However, between not wanting to drive that far at the end of the day and the ugly gas prices, I would not likely join in very often.
So, after finishing the interval workout with no water to spare, I dragged my body home. Now I’m trying to find a way to get people in my town to come together to enjoy some healthy runs and benefit from some camaraderie.
Here is a great site for hill routines:
Runner’s World Hill Homepage

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